Bold prints for the working girl

We have received a lot of requests from clients who want to incorporate vibrant prints into their work wear while remaining professional.

Ankara fashion is no longer reserved for special events and spring and summer seasons. In fact, they are just as striking in the winter months.


  • Pairing the bold prints with black is always a sure hit
  • Invest in a classic white shirt that can be pared with any print skirt 
  • Match the print with a dark solid color already in the print for minimalism that is not distracting
  • Avoid visual overload in a conservative work environment by not mixing multiple prints

Remember, keep it simple: Your statement top is the focal point of your outfit, so keep the accessories minimal.

The following looks have been put together courtesy of fashion blogger @IT_IS_NELL Follow her blog on:

Purchase dresses online here:



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  • I can’t resist what I see. I love it all

    • Ouma Mabaso