The benefits of a style consultation

Every major social event seems to bring out a stream of men and women who are immaculately dressed and stylishly coiffed, attracting envy and interest in magazines and the news. Average individuals may look at photos from the red carpet and wonder how the stars pull off flawless outfits again and again. The secret is a style consultant, a professional who specialises in personal image, and using a style consultant is not limited to the rich and famous. Many style consultants are available for consultations with all sorts of clients, from high-powered movie stars who need help dressing for the Oscars to up and coming executives who want to look a cut above the competition.

Style consultants typically have extensive training in fashion and style, and they are knowledgeable about designers, styles, and trends. They may also study some psychology, and they excel at creating a polished, professional personal image which manages to capture the unique characteristics of the individual. Style consultants provide advice about what to wear, which hairstyle would be most flattering, and how to do makeup. They may also offer more general tips designed to promote a positive personal image, ranging from what car to drive to how to entertain at a cocktail party.
Working with a style consultant usually starts with a meeting where the consultant and the client get to know each other. The client can talk about the issues he or she wants to address, while the consultant can make notes about the client's figure, personality, and field of employment, using this information to provide suggestions which could improve the client's personal image.

Many style consultants go shopping with their clients, helping them pick out clothing and accessories which will be appropriate. They usually try to help their clients build large and diverse wardrobes, teaching their clients about what to wear in which situations, and providing advice about colors, coordination, cuts, and so forth so that clients can select appropriate clothes and accessories.

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