How to wear it: Collar necklaces

Collar necklaces are a must-have accessory for this season.  Below is a guide on how to wear them with various shirt styles.

With a boat neck top, it is alright to let the necklace rest down a little further, rather than closer to your neck. 

For crew neck shirts, it is good to wear a collar necklace that rests directly on the collar of the shirt, creating the illusion that it may be attached.

Many people are under the impression that collar necklaces should not be worn on bare skin, but look how well this necklace pairs with this off the shoulder top!

Collared necklaces can be worn under the collar for a subtle hint of flare.

Pair a collared necklace with a blazer for added professionalism/style.

The collared necklace trend is super fun and can add that extra touch to complete any outfit.  Now that you have seen the different ways these big necklaces can be worn, try them out for yourself!

Written by J. Singley

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