Ndebele attire

Ndebele Attire

The Ndebele tribe (Matabele) are Bantu-speaking people of southern Africa. They are known for their artistic talent - geometric wall art and colorful beadwork.

What is traditional Ndebele Attire

Ndebele tradition is known for its colourful and vibrant clothes that are decorated with beautiful beadwork.

Ndebele Attire for Men

Ndebele men traditionally wear a headband made from animal skin and a breast-plate which hangs from the neck like a necklace. It is often decorated with beads around the top and is made from animal skin.

Ndebele Attire for Women

Ndebele women have different traditional outfits for different stages of their lives.

A married woman traditionally wears a striped blanket over her shoulders and she wears copper and brass rings around her arms, neck and legs.

Unmarried females wear beaded aprons or beaded skirts. In the past they’d walk around topless but, lately they usually wear a plain white shirt.

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  • Hi can you please do for the attire of isindebele

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  • Hey guy’s, I’m stay at brits and I am looking for someone who is doing the ndebele attire for woman is married. Isi swati please let me know. Thank you

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