Collection: African Wax Print Fabric

African Wax Print Fabric also known as Ankara or Dutch Wax is 100% cotton fabric. The bright colours are printed by a machine using wax resins and dyes to create a batik-like appearance on both sides of the cloth.

The wax prevents the dye from penetrating the entire cloth, the procedure is called wax-resist dying.

Which country does African wax print originally come from?

The method of wax-resit dying used to create African Wax Print is called Batik. This ancient art form originates from Indonesia.

When the Dutch colonized Indonesia, their merchants discovered batik fabrics and brought samples back to The Netherlands. This is where the dutch saw an opportunity for mass production and created machinery to automate the dying process and renamed the fabric to Dutch Wax.

Things to Know about African Wax Fabric

 Each design and colour reflects local tribes, traditions and symbols.

What can African Wax Fabric be used for?

African print fabric has many uses. It’s mostly used for:

How to soften African Wax Print

Hand or machine wash with cold water. 

African Wax Print Fabric in South Africa

P&H Boutique's Modern Traditional Fabrics are made using 100% African wax print cotton.

The colours and patterns are vibrant, representing Africa's rich cultural heritage and diversity. Each fabric is 6 yards / 5.5 meters. 

You can buy in-store or order online.

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