Face shield
Face shield
Face shield

Face shield

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  • 400 microns
  • Visor material, PET, 100% recyclable 
  • Head band material: Polypropylene, 100% recyclable
  • Maximum height: 280mm
  • Wrap-around length: 280mm (ear-to-ear)
  • This product is sensitive to heat and should be stored under general room temperature conditions
  • Not to be exposed to heat and direct sunlight

Product specifications

  • Suitable for use with safety goggles, spectacles, over face masks and respiratory mouth pieces
  • Once size fits all
  • Full face coverage – eyes, nose, mouth
  • Easy to adjust and comfortable to wear
  • Re-useable and easy to clean
  • Visor and headband initially sold as complete unit but visors can be purchased separately thereafter
Face shield